Alpha Sphere sensory regeneration

The Alpha Sphere is a multisensory ecosystem for the relaxation and regeneration of the body and mind. The integrated composition of light, sound and movement activates and interweaves all the senses in a unique way and greatly helps you:
- to reduce stress 
- to recuperate physical and mental energy
The anatomic Alpha Lounger is extremely comfortable. It is lit up on the inside with a soothing, deep blue light and in it your body swings gently in rhythm with your breathing, making you feel like you’re floating in the air or being lulled by the rippling waves of a calm sea. The music and sounds from the built-in speakers not only engender alpha brain waves associated with relaxed alertness and creativity but also create vibrations that soothe and loosen up tense muscles. The Alpha Sphere has an elliptical structure with a flowing fabric that stimulates the eyes via the Moiré effect. At ISmerian you will find two units where you can experience the ultimate in serenity and wellbeing of body and mind. 
ISmerian operates exclusively with specialists in diverse branches of medicine and rehabilitation who use an integrated multidisciplinary approach in order to optimally take care of you and your body’s specific requirements.

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