Stress management and coaching

Dr. Ongaro and his wife Dr. Sonja Grevenitz Ongaro have developed an assessment and coaching program for all those who want to reduce stress and optimize emotional performance. The program includes an evaluation session and a set of coaching sessions aimed at enhancing mental and physical well-being. The techniques that are used comprise biofeedback assessment of the body’s reaction to different emotional situations and specific coaching and autogenic training techniques per session.
Stress management helps you:
- To improve the body’s renewal and regeneration processes that are vital for prevention and cure of many illnesses and for mental serenity and strength
- To elicit positive feelings, optimism and vitality
- To change bad habits or banish unwanted habits
- To live better with chronic degenerative illnesses and psychosomatic disorders
- To reduce susceptibility to anxiety and depressive tendencies
- To optimize performance in daily work and sports routines